Live Art

Liz loves to work on public art and live art projects. She is available for commission for murals and live art events.

Upfest 2016:

Upfest is Europe’s largest street art & graffiti festival with over 300 artists painting at 28 venues throughout Bedminster & Southville, Bristol. Liz was selected to be part of the 2016 even which took place between 23rd-25th July.

Liz chose to paint a matryoshka doll (Russian Doll/Babuska Doll) which are a symbol of family and motherhood. Liz has a collection of Russian dolls and has painted and decorated her own set of dolls previously.

Tobacco Factory Live Art:

On 14th May 2016 Liz took part in a live ‘Paint Jam’ as part of the Southbank Arts Trail in Bristol. Along with 3 other artists; Hannah Adamaszek, Astrid Foreman and Stephen Quick, Liz spent the day painting a mural on the walls of the Tobacco Factory Market.

Liz’s work is heavily influenced by shape, pattern, symbols and colour that she has gathered in sketchbooks on her travels. For this piece Liz wanted to create an image that embodies a sense of wellbeing and happiness and instantly knew she would use bright and vibrant colours that would almost radiate energy. She chose to use the symbol of a Hamsa, popular throughout many cultures, and is a symbol of protection.

We Create Live:

We Create Live is an on-going series of live art events organised by Liquitex and Subism. These events showcase the skills of established and emerging artists, giving them a chance to make work in front of an audience, and allowing art-lovers to watch the artwork unfold before their eyes.

On 13th May 2015 Liz painted at We Create Live Bristol which took place at Kongs. She painted alongside Inkie, Vents 137, 45RPM, Mr Penfold, Stephen Quick, China Mike and Olivia Yu



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